David M. Rosenberger

Bloomfield Hills, MI

A Princeton 1972 physics degree, a heavy dose of tax courses on the way to a Harvard JD, and a home-town firm of 65 lawyers, each one looking for a naive young lawyer to ERISAfy their clients\\\' 401(a) plans, created a perfect storm for my birth as of benefits lawyer in 1975. It has and continues to be a career in which interesting work has never been lacking and problems are intense but rarely contentious. Mary Ann, my wife of now close to 40 years, has tolerated my seven day workweeks at Rosenberger Law Group PLLC with a smile and has injected levity into an otherwise fairly serious-minded profession. I attribute my remaining sanity to her and to golf, for which my interest is not only in the game but also its history, architecture, traditions, agronomy and enduring friendships. This biography would be incomplete without expressing thanks to my now deceased mentors, Curt Poole, Paul R. Trigg and E. James Gamble, and to my lifelong individual, corporate, foundation, government and other clients for their support, friendship and never ending variety of benefits, tax, estate and trust issues.