About the Fellows

Becoming a Fellow

Fellows of the American College of Employee Benefits Counsel are selected by the College's Board of Governors from among employee benefits attorneys nominated for that honor and recommended for consideration by the Board's Membership Committee after considering the recommendations of regional screening committees. Fellows have a minimum of 20 years' experience. Selection as a Fellow reflects the Board's judgment that a nominee has made significant contributions to the advancement of the employee benefits field.

New Fellows are admitted to the American College of Employee Benefits Counsel following successful completion of a formal nomination and application process. A candidate must complete an application and be nominated by two Fellows. Each year, the College's Membership Committee approves the application form that must be used for this purpose. Fellows are selected from among such nominees by the College's Board of Governors, after considering the recommendation of regional screening committees appointed by the Membership Committee chair.

The qualifications for membership as a Fellow of the American College of Employee Benefits Counsel are set forth below:

  • By the end of the year of selection, the individual will have had at least twenty years' experience as an employee benefits practitioner following admission to the practice of law, in the private sector (including law firm, in-house corporate, tax-exempt organization or consulting), government or academic setting;
  • The individual has demonstrated a sustained commitment to the development and pursuit of public awareness and understanding of the law of employee benefits, through such activities as writing, speaking, participating in public policy analysis, public education or public service and representation projects, and leadership in the employee benefits activities of bar associations or other professional organizations;
  • The individual has consistently exhibited exemplary character and ethical behavior, and has not been disciplined by a professional or governmental body for departing from ethical or professional standards;
  • The individual is generally recognized by his or her peers for expertise in the field and intellectual excellence.

To become a Fellow, an individual who is invited to join the College must attend the Induction Dinner held during the year of selection or held during the following year. Upon individual application, the Board of Governors of the College may waive the attendance requirement for Emeritus Fellows, or if the person is unable to attend due to religious observance.

Becoming an Emeritus Fellow

If you are no longer receiving income as an Employee Benefits Practitioner or your income has substantially decreased, you may be able to qualify as an Emeritus Fellow. See the Emeritus Fellow Criteria section for more information.