ACEBC® Member Benefits

Since its inception in 2000, the American College of Employee Benefits Counsel has been dedicated to elevating the standards and advancing the public's understanding of the practice of employee benefits law. In furtherance of its mission, the College provides a number of member benefits as well as benefits to the general public.

What follows is a short description of key College activities.

Member Listserve
The College sponsors two members-only listserves. These listserves encourage an informal exchange of ideas among Fellows on employee benefits topics

Member Teleconferences
Through member teleconferencing, the College facilitates discussion among Fellows on topics of current interest. Given the expertise of College Fellows, this allows members to further their own learning on a given topic as well as share their expertise with others. Fellows are easily able to initiate a teleconference on a given topic and to join in to a teleconference initiated by another Fellow.

JCEB Government Invitational Conference
The College is a co-sponsor of the annual Government Invitational Conference. This conference focuses on policy issues in the employee benefits field. As a co-sponsor, the College is entitled to send five representatives to the conference annually and is responsible for moderating and coordinating one of the conferences segments.

JCEB Government Agency Meetings
As a JCEB co-sponsor, the College is entitled to send representatives to the ABA-government agency meetings held in connection with the May meeting of the ABA Section on Taxation in Washington, D.C. ACEBC® Fellows are given an opportunity to represent the College at these meetings.

Law Student Writing Contest
The College sponsors an annual writing contest for eligible law students on topics in the employee benefits field. Winners receive a monetary prize, as well as an employee benefits treatise. Winning papers are available to College Fellows and, where appropriate, may be published in an employee benefits law journal.

As a College Fellow, you can get involved in this worthwhile activity by contacting the Chair of the Writing Contest Committee, Frances King Quick ( College Fellows who volunteer to help are able to participate in reviewing the articles submitted and in selecting the winners.

Law Student Outreach
This program provides connections to law students to help foster interest in employee benefits law as a practice area. Interested law students are connected with interested ACEBC® members who describe what day-to-day practice looks like among the different areas that employee benefits lawyers work in. Click this link for further information

Listing of Mediators and Expert Witnesses
College Fellows are able to indicate their availability as a Mediator or an Expert Witness on employee benefits topics. This listing provides individuals in need of a mediator or expert witness with expertise on a given employees benefits topic with a source of possible mediators or expert witnesses.

Find a Speaker Listing
College Fellows are able to indicate their availability as a speaker on different employee benefits topics. Interested members of the public can then use the Find a Fellow feature on the website to see if Fellows are available to speak on a particular topic. Fellows can further elaborate on the Profile page with respect to the topics they are interested in speaking on, whether they are interested in lengthier speaking assignments (such as adjunct teaching), and the geographic areas they would be interested in speaking in.

Continuing Professional Education
Throughout the year, the College co-sponsors a number of educational seminars on a wide variety of employee benefits topics. Often, these seminars are available to College Fellows for a reduced price. Fellows receive email notice of these seminars as they are scheduled.

IRS Training Program
As the need arises, the College supports the IRS training program for new agents. When the IRS has a need for experienced lawyers in the private sector to help in the training of IRS personnel, College Fellows will receive an email soliciting volunteers in specified areas of expertise.

Selection of New Fellows
Each year, New Fellows are selected by the College's Board of Governors from among employee benefits attorneys nominated for that honor. Fellows are eligible for nomination after a minimum of 20 years of experience and must have made significant contributions to the advancement of the employee benefits field.

College Fellows are encouraged to nominate worthy candidates for admission to the College with the nominations process beginning around March and ending around June of each year. Watch your email for information regarding the application process and deadlines for submission. View nomination info and form.

Annual Induction Dinner and Seminar
A dinner is held every year, generally in the fall, to honor the new Fellows and induct them into the College. This event provides a unique opportunity for all Fellows to network with the other top lawyers in the field. Starting in 2008, the College has presented a seminar on a current topic in conjunction with its annual induction dinner. Even those Fellows who are unable to attend the seminar have access to the seminar materials through the "members only" section of the College's website.

If you have any questions regarding College activities, you should feel free to contact the College's Administrator, Karen Case (, the College's President or any other members of the College's Board of Governors.