Educational Seminars and CLE in Connection with the ACEBC Induction Dinner

Educational Seminars

The ABA Joint Committee on Employee Benefits (JCEB) is comprised of the Sections of Business Law; Health Law; Labor and Employment Law; Real Property, Trust and Estate Law; Taxation; and Tort Trial and Insurance Practice. The ACEBC is a Liaison Member of the JCEB. The JCEB coordinates employee benefits activities including CLE programs and meetings with federal agency officials reported as a series of questions and answers. The JCEB's website is

Since its founding the College has co-sponsored a vast array of teleconferences, webinars, and National Institutes with the JCEB. Each of these presentations has provided valuable insights into the most significant benefits issues of the moment and CLE credit for those who participated. In addition to high level government representatives from the Department of Labor, Health and Human Services, Treasury, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation and the Securities and Exchange Commission, all the programs were moderated and populated by those who are most respected in the profession, almost invariably College Fellows or future Fellows.

The JCEB CLE programming has been developed by a dedicated JCEB CLE Committee and supported by a most enthusiastic, capable and unflappable staff (Karen Case and Mary Karounos) and has presented an average of 19 one and one-half hour long teleconferences or webinars each year and five annual National Institutes in various locations in the United States. The Institutes are Employee Benefits in Mergers and Acquisitions, Executive Compensation, Health and Welfare Benefits Plans, ERISA Litigation and ERISA Basics.

A review of the topic titles for the teleconferences provides an overview of the historical development of benefits law since 2001 as each topic addressed a recent development in the practice area. Without a doubt, the all time historical blockbuster teleconferences were two on Code §409A in 2005 with 1080 and 1336 participants, respectively.

CLE in connection with the Induction Dinner

Beginning in 2008, the ACEBC began presenting CLE programs in connection with its Annual Induction Dinner. The topics presented include:

  • 2008: Employee Benefit Programs in China
  • 2009: Employee Benefits After the Market Meltdown
  • 2010: Terminating Employees
  • 2011: Wellness Programs: Where Laws Collide and Amara Fallout: Full Employment Act for ERISA Attorneys
  • 2012: Health Care Reform in the Wake of the Supreme Court Ruling
  • 2013: Assistant Secretary Phyllis Borzi on the Latest EBSA Developments
  • 2014: ERISA: Where We’ve Been and Where We Might Be Going
  • 2015: Over 20 Years of 162(m) and 30 Years of 280G - Has it Made a Difference in Executive Compensation?
  • 2015: Employer Stock Funds in 401(k) Plans