John Erlenborn

Washington, DC

John N. Erlenborn served as a United States Congressman representing a district in the Western suburbs of Chicago for 20 years (1965-1984), after seven years in the Illinois legislature. For six years John was one of the primary proponents of the House Education and Labor’s version of legislation that was enacted as Title I of ERISA. This effort, John’s service of a floor manager of the Conference Committee version of ERISA and his leadership in deliberations concerning subsequent legislation amending ERISA led to references to John in the 1980’s as Mr. ERISA.

John remained active until his death on October 30, 2005. After leaving Congress John practiced employee benefits law with Seyfarth, Shaw, Fairweather & Geraldson, he taught at Georgetown Law School, he served on the Board and as President of the Legal Services Corporation and he served on the Employee Benefits Committee of the United States Chamber of Commerce.
John served in the Navy during World War II. John was inducted into the College as a Charter Emeritus Fellow.