Sheldon Mike Young

Sheldon Mike Young passed away on November 13, 2009. He was 83 years old. With the help of his two devoted assistants, Delphine Rucker and Susan Hancock, he practiced law until days before his death. Of Counsel to Walter & Haverfield, he was an expert on Employment Benefits Law and was a Charter Fellow of the American College of Employment Benefits Counsel.

He wrote and revised the seven volume treatise on Pension Law and taught at several universities. He was named on one the “Best Lawyers in America” for a number of years. As much has he loved the practice of law, he loved writing fiction, as well. His intense love of Spain and his Jewish heritage is reflected in his two novels, TOLEDOTH City of Generations and The DEVIL’S BRIDGE. Although he was legally blind he recently finished writing his book on Jewish Medalists in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.

Mike and his beloved Bette celebrated their twenty-first anniversary on November 11. Both were authors and said that they married each other to save two others from the hundreds of books, reams of paper and other writing essentials that seemed to find their way into every available nook and cranny in every room of their home.